The Solution – Ending Student Hunger

The Solution

The best chance to reach the food insecure students/children in Maine is making the existing school meals programs more approachable, effective and efficient. School meals have been available for over 50 years and many districts have fallen behind best practices when it comes to creating access to food for our children. States across the country are implementing strategies that school administrators are embracing and the result is fewer children are hungry.

Possible local team actions:

Conduct social action research that includes collecting, analyzing and sharing information with key stakeholders and policy makers on:

  • Maine schools engaged in or underutilizing the free student meals program
  • Barriers and supports to increasing the number of eligible student meals in the schools
  • Best practices to reduce student hunger through the schools.
  • Work with the Full Plates Full Potential network partners to become student meal advocate teams in schools.
  • Identify the Hunger initiatives in Maine and propose ways to more efficiently and effectively work together.
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  • Children who suffer from chronic hunger endure LIFELONG CONSEQUENCES including poor health, behavioral difficulties, and impaired performance at school.