Thank the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee for supporting School Meals for All Maine kids, and ask them to take the next step of funding it!

Click on the committee members listed below and use the sample email language to ask them to fund LD 1679 and provide school meals at no cost for all Maine students.

Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee

Sample email to AFA committee:

SUBJECT: Please support school meals for all Maine kids!

Esteemed members of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee,

Thank you for supporting LD 1679 which will make school meals a part of the school day just like books, desks, and bus rides. Maine will be leading the nation if this important bill is enacted and funded. Please include funding for LD 1679 in Governor Mills’ proposed budget change package so that all Maine kids have a chance to grow, learn, and thrive!

Thank you

Contact Full Plates’ Director of Advocacy, Anna Korsen