Ending child hunger in Maine.

Schools all over Maine need your help to bring nutritious food to their students. Choose a project that inspires you and give any amount to help put an end to child hunger in Maine.


For example: "We want to reach more of our students with a healthy breakfast so they are ready to learn!"

        This is your opportunity to tell the story of child hunger to your community. In 500 characters or less help members of your community understand what hunger looks like at your school and why this funding is so important to your students. Speak from the heart and help donors understand what you could do with the funding you are requesting.

        What do you think your biggest barrier will be to implementing this program? How do you intend to overcome it?

        Imagine you have been fully funded to start this initiative at your school. A year from now, once the project is complete how would you define its success. Please be as specific as possible. For example: How many additional students do you want to feed? Faculty engagement levels? Change in school climate? Change in student attendance?

        Examples include: • Letter of support from school administration outlining goals of project • Letter(s) of support from other partners • Marketing Campaign • Sample Menu • Daily School Schedule Highlighting the breakfast as clearly as lunch



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