LD 1679: An Act to Address Student Hunger through Expanding Access to Free School Meals| Senate President Troy Jackson

THE POLICY: The State of Maine would contribute funding to cover the cost of paid students in the School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs, so that all students in Maine can access school meal programs without cost.

Learn more about School Meals for All and the progress of LD 1679 HERE.

LD 655: An Act to Require at Least a 30-minute Lunch Period for Students | Representative Jan Dodge

THE POLICY: Require Maine schools to allow at least 30 minutes for students to eat lunch.

Learn more about 30 Minute Lunches and the progress of LD 655 HERE

LD 636: An Act to Encourage the Purchase of Local Foods for Public Schools | Senator Eloise Vitelli


  • Expand Local Produce Fund program to allow schools to source local foods from distributors and local food processors in addition to directly from farms.
  • Increase cap on reimbursement from DOE to encourage more local purchasing
  • Expand beyond produce to include other local foods like meat, fish, tofu, eggs, yogurt, and cheese.

Learn more about Local Foods for Public Schools and the progress of LD 636 HERE.

LD 362: Resolve, To Require the Department of Education to Form a Family Income Data Collection Working Group | Representative Michael Brennan

THE POLICY: Convene a legislative work group to examine alternative ways for schools to collect income data from families.

Learn more about a prospective Maine Dept. of Education Working Group and the progress of LD 362 HERE.

LD 961: An Act to Provide Equity in Access to Applications for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program | Representative Rebecca Millett

THE POLICY: Create a statewide school meal benefit online application, housed on the Department of Education’s website, so families can easily apply for school meals online. The data submitted via the application would not be visible to the Department of Education, but would be transferred directly to local districts.

Learn more about Equity in Application Access and the progress of LD 961 HERE.


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