Stroudwater Distillery

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Stroudwater Distillery

4 Thompsons Point, Portland, 04102

(207) 536-7811

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Stroudwater Distillery

Stroudwater Distillery. Damn good, down to earth, and never fussy. Stroudwater Distillery sits in a bright, newly renovated space in the Brick North building on Thompson’s Point — an evolving development of exciting new businesses sprouting from the industrial rail-yard site along Portland’s Fore River. The rugged practicality and devotion to good, simple quality that has always been a hallmark of Maine is the inspiration behind our humble distillery. With a focus on curating high-quality spirits and a keen eye for great, solid flavor profiles, Stroudwater Distillery is currently rolling out distinctive bottles of Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, and Gin. Our passion for great spirits means that we won’t bottle anything that doesn’t meet our high standards, whether we’re enjoying it over a little ice, or in a classic cocktail. Stroudwater Distillery makes spirits in a classic New England fashion — damn good, down to earth, and never fussy. #feedkidsmaine

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