Here's how Portland Pie Co. helps:
For every seasonal pizza purchased, Portland Pie Company donates $1 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help connect Maine kids with the meals they need to thrive. #feedkidsmaine

Portland Pie Company

Portland Pie Company is Maine’s original craft pizza maker. For more than 20 years, Portland Pie has been serving traditional and unique pizza made with quality ingredients. Founded in 1997 as a small shop in the heart of Portland, Maine, the company’s signature flavored dough – basil, beer, garlic, and wheat – made them stand out in a crowded pizza landscape. Over time, the Portland Pie menu has expanded to include many items beyond pizza, but they have remained true to their goal to successfully and consistently provide quality food.

To Portland Pie Company, sustainability means helping to ensure that all Maine children have access to nutritious, reliable meals. This commitment to sustainability and community fuels their connection as a FEED KIDS partner.

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