Nocturnem Draft Haus

FEED KIDS PARTNER since March 15, 2019

Nocturnem Draft Haus

56 Main Street, Bangor, 04401

(207) 907-4380

For every Nocturnem Burger served at Nocturnem Draft Haus, they will donate $1 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help end child hunger in Maine. #feedkidsmaine

Nocturnem Draft Haus

Welcome to Nocturnem Draft Haus. A long time dream of opening a high end beer bar in our humble town has become a reality. Nocturnem’s mission is to serve their guests the finest beers from Maine, the US and abroad paired with artisan-style, simply prepared, locally sourced food. An unpretentious, down to earth bar, the team at Nocturnem are not beer snobs but rather adventurers – a collection of many walks of life, seeking better enjoyment out of our beverage purchases. They strive simply to find better offerings than are mass marketed to us every day. It’s a place where all will feel comfortable. A place where sharing, discussion and tasting is encouraged. A place to broaden your horizons into the realm of the beer world. With a steadfast belief that no child should grow up hungry, Nocturnem is a FEED KIDS partner in an effort to affect change for kids in the greater Bangor area. Visit for dinner Monday through Saturday and enjoy their famous Nocturnem Burger with an new or favorite brew! #feedkidsmaine

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