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The Grammy-nominated band LETTUCE is a genre-busting, six-member, funk/jazz/soul/jam/psychedelic/hip-hop/art-rock/ambient/avant-garde/experimental collective formed in 1992 by four alumni of the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, including Portland, Maine-native Ryan Zoidis.

Having heard the story of child hunger in Maine, Zoidis was immediately moved to help Full Plates Full Potential in its work to ensure that no child grows up hungry. And, much like his culinary friends in his hometown, he found a way to leverage his time, talent, and treasure to effect change for children in his community. Each summer, Zoidis, a collection of his musician friends, and his chef-restaurateur-brewer pals gather for the LET US EAT: Music + Food Festival for a benefit event in Portland where 100% of proceeds benefit the cause.

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