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For every Kalamata's First Adventure book, featuring Maine Chef Ilma Lopez, sold, Kalamata’s Kitchen, will donate $0.25 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help end child hunger in Maine. #feedkidsmaine #travelwithyourtastebuds

Kalamata’s Kitchen

Life is sweet. And bitter. And tangy and bright. People are spicy and warm and sometimes a little crunchy. Times can be sour or salty but sometimes they’re soft. And Kalamata is learning to savor it all. Bite after bite, her appetite for exploration is growing. She is learning that each flavor can stand alone, but the magic happens when they come together. She is learning that ingredients that come from far away can bring people closer. And she is learning that creativity in the kitchen can create compassion outside of it. Are you ready to dig in? Let Kalamata take your family on a food adventure! The first book in the series features Portland “Taste Bud”, Chef Ilma Lopez, as we go with her to visit her Abuelita in Venezuela! So take the kids in your life on a food adventure with Kalamata and you’ll help ensure kids in Maine have the food they need to thrive!

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