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Since 1979, GrandyOats has made small-batch organic granola, muesli, trail mix, and roasted nuts in rural Maine. Their mission is to source the most wholesome organic ingredients, make delicious food, and partner with local producers, businesses, and nonprofits to create the taste that nature intended. They craft each small batch at their solar-powered bakery and lead a team of 40 with three simple mantras at the helm: live life organically, love the path you travel, and keep it real!

GrandyOats’ values as a company represent an intentional way of life that they believe can and should nourish people, the planet, and our communities. This is why they are committing to the idea that no child should grow up hungry. The FEED KIDS initiative allows GrandyOats to extend their reach and continue their mission of nourishing Maine communities and schools.

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