Bissell Brothers

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Bissell Brothers

4 Thompson’s Point Road, Portland, 04102

157 Elm St. Milo, 04463

(207) 808-8258

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For all specially designed FEED KIDS apparel ordered at Bissel Brothers, we will donate $1 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help connect Maine kids with the meals they need to thrive. #feedkidsmaine


Bissell Brothers

The Bissell Brothers – Peter and Noah – were born and raised in the small, rural town of Milo, Maine. Driven by passion for world-class beers, and seeking to create something altogether greater than its separate parts, they opened Bissell Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, in 2013. Through hard work, dedication to excellence, and an uncompromising attention to quality, the brewery has grown successfully in the bustling craft beer and food scene of Portland. Now with a second facility opened in the brothers’ hometown of Milo, Bissell Brothers Brewing Three Rivers is committed to giving back to its community. The rate of child hunger is excruciatingly high in Milo and the surrounding area, where more than 90% of kids struggle with chronic hunger. Together, both Bissell Brothers locations are proud to be part of the FEED KIDS initiative where $1 from each of our specially designed FEED KIDS apparel products will be donated to help provide much-needed meals for children in Milo. In 2018, we were pleased to invest in the launching of a much-needed summer feeding site and are eager to continue to fund this project that connects more kids with more meals in a town that means so much to all of us.

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