Bayside Bowl

FEED KIDS PARTNER since October 2, 2017

Bayside Bowl

58 Alder Street, Portland, 04101

(207) 791-2695

Here's how Bayside Bowl helps:
For every Fried Chicken Sandwich ordered, Bayside Bowl will donate $1 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help connect Maine kids with the meals they need to thrive. #feedkidsmaine

Bayside Bowl

Bayside Bowl takes bowling seriously. Located in downtown Portland, tney have 20 USBC sanctioned lanes of ten-pin bowling, as well as award-winning food and craft cocktails.

They also take child hunger seriously and are committed to affecting change by participating in the FEED KIDS initiative. Whether you’re bowling or not, it’s always a great day to come in and enjoy a Fried Chicken Sandwich. Each time you do, Bayside Bowl will donate $1 to help feed the one in five Maine children who struggle with chronic hunger.

#feedkidsmaine #baysidebowl

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