Map of Hunger in Maine Schools

Use the map to learn about child hunger in your community and around the state, identify specific areas in need, and explore local partners and vendors who are helping in the fight against child hunger in Maine.

Grant Results

FEED KIDS Grants are continually expanding their reach in Maine schools and communities. See the impact we’re having around the state with the help of our partners, supporters, and community.


Dollars Awarded

New Meals Served

Federal Dollars Reimbursed

The Full Plates Food Map is made possible by our partners Idexx Laboratories and Hannaford Supermarkets, who donated the time, research, data, and technical expertise needed to create this interactive representation of child hunger in Maine.

Summer Meals Grant:

Milo, Maine

Milo, Maine is a town plagued by child hunger. 92% of school-age children qualify for free meals at school and during the summer while school is out, these children struggle to access the nutrition they need. Summer meals have been historically served by the school during the two...

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