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The FEED KIDS™ program is a turnkey cause marketing and civic crowdfunding initiative designed for businesses of all sizes and industries to take action toward ending child hunger in Maine.


How IT works

  1. Merchant partners identify an item/product/service dedicated to helping end child hunger.
  2. Designate a set amount from each sale of that item as a charitable donation.
  3. Invite your customers to help you end child hunger.
  4. As your funds accumulate, partners select a FUND LOCAL™ school project and invest funds directly where they feel they will do the most good. A child is fed and hunger ends.

Every donation serves as an opportunity to help Maine children live happy, healthy lives.


Just Some of our amazing participating merchants


Partners demonstrate goodwill and their commitment to our cause by making a direct investment from every donation. As funds accumulate FEED KIDS™ partners may select projects that have direct meaning to them and their community. Additionally, we strongly encourage partners to make their customers aware of FUND LOCAL™ through on and offline materials messaging that invites them to help fund a project too.

Rest assured, each project is carefully reviewed and approved by Full Plates Full Potential prior to becoming eligible for a funding campaign. This ensures that every project is effective and efficient with the best chance for maximum impact. Each project comes with the promise of ending child hunger. Donors have access to a final report that shows exactly how the funds were used, and how many meals were served and children fed.

Ending child hunger is possible. FUND LOCAL can make it happen.