A Powerful Way to Give Back

Businesses across Maine are committing to the idea that no child should grow up hungry. The FEED KIDS cause marketing initiative is designed to make it easy for businesses of all sizes, sectors, and locations to take action toward ending child hunger, right here at home.

How It Works


Determine your unique FEED KIDS fundraising approach.


Engage your customers in your FEED KIDS campaign.


Donate funds to the FEED KIDS
initiative monthly and share the good you’re doing.

Full Plates Full Potential invests your
contributions into child nutrition programs
- schools | afterschool programs | summer sites -
across Maine putting your generosity
into action without delay.


Our FEED KIDS Partners

Explore our community of FEED KIDS partners who are committed
to helping Maine children reach their full potential.

Enroll Your Business

Join the FEED KIDS movement! If you own or manage a business and would like to become a part of Maine’s FEED KIDS community (or want to learn more) please email FEEDKIDS@fullplates.org.

Big Tree Hospitality

Restaurant Group

This Portland-based restaurant group is hell-bent on excellence in hospitality with an abiding commitment to community. Driven by relentless creativity and inspired by the bounty of New England, the James Beard Award-winning team offers one-of-a-kind dining experiences and a generosity of spirit that benefits Maine children through the far reaches of Maine...


  • How can I enroll my business in the FEED KIDS program?

    To learn more about how to enroll your business in the FEED KIDS movement, click here to connect with our FEED KIDS team.

  • What should I choose as my FEED KIDS item and how much do I donate each time it’s sold?

    Any product or service you sell can be designated as your FEED KIDS item. We encourage you to select a hot seller as the goal is to do as much good as possible in the fight to end child hunger in Maine. Typically, FEED KIDS partners designate $1 per FEED KIDS item sold. It’s powerful messaging in that every dollar invested, Full Plates connects a kid with ten meals. However, we realize that this equation doesn’t fit every business model. If you’re a donut shop, $1 per chocolate glazed is out of scale. However, for realtors, $1 per home sold isn’t the right balance either. So there is flexibility in how FEED KIDS is deployed (i.e. $0.25 per donut or $1 per dozen, or $100 per home sold). Let’s talk through what works best for your business.

  • How are my FEED KIDS funds used?

    We invite schools and child-centric nonprofits across Maine are invited to apply for FEED KIDS grants which are funded through FEED KIDS business partner contributions. Once a grant is approved, recipients receive technical and financial assistance to deploy best practices known to reach more hungry kids. Helping each step of the way, Full Plates staff works with our school and non-profit partners to track and report our progress and success and share what we learned with other schools so that no child is ever hungry.

  • What is the time commitment for participating as a FEED KIDS partner?

    As long as there are hungry kids in Maine, we need FEED KIDS partners supporting the effort to help fund solutions to connect them with the meals they need to thrive. Most FEED KIDS partners join with an open ended commitment to participate on an ongoing basis. However, we can work with different time commitments.

  • My company isn’t in the food service industry, can we be a FEED KIDS partner?

    Yes! While you may have first been introduced to the FEED KIDS initiative at your favorite restaurant, our proprietary cause marketing program is designed to engage businesses of all sizes, sectors, and location to effect change for Maine’s hungry children.

  • How often and where do I send my donations?

    FEED KIDS partners are asked to send contributions each month. Our goal is to rapidly deploy funds via FEED KIDS grants to connect kids with the meals they need without delay. At the beginning of each month, we send automated reminders to make your contribution. You may donate online via credit card with immediate access to a receipt for your records, or you may chose the “send a check” option and download an invoice.

  • Can I choose the school or community where my FEED KIDS contributions are invested?

    Full Plates is dedicated to putting FEED KIDS funding in to action without delay. Because schools and communities across Maine have unique and varied needs and capacities, some are more ready than other to implement best practices and some are farther ahead in their quest to feed their kids than others. FEED KIDS business partners put their trust in Full Plates Full Potential in knowing where and when investments will yield meaningful results. Any school or non-profit in the state participating in USDA Child Nutrition Programs is eligible for funding. If you’d like to connect a specific school, non-profit or community to FEED KIDS funding, we encourage you to make them aware of our grant program. If a project will feed more kids through USDA reimbursable meals, we’re interested!

  • How should I incorporate FEED KIDS branding in my business and where can I access logos and marketing materials?

    We’ve developed a FEED KIDS Marketing Tool Kit to help you share your good work with your customers. Here you’ll find logos, brand standards, social media images, creative ideas to help you maximize your fundraising, and much more.